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Start Point: You can start this quest by talking to Hetty in Rimmington.
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Make the Witch's potion, for a fine reward.
Length: Medium (30-60 minutes)
Requirements: Level 76 Fishing, Level 5 Farming, Level 80 Cooking (Skills Optional) and the ability to defeat a Level-2 Giant rat
Items required: Harpoon, Any weapon, Onion, Burnt Shark, Rats Tail, Eye of Newt

Games necklace

Enemies to defeat: Giant rat - Level 2

Getting Started

  • Talk to Hetty in Rimmington.

Finding the Ingredients

  • Eyes of Newt are a common yield from Low Herblore Packages. Aviansies are one example among the many monsters who commonly drop Low Herblore Packages.
  • Once you have an Eye of Newt use your Games Necklace and teleport to Edgeville dungeon.
  • The Giant rats are right in front of you. Kill them for a Rat's tail.
  • Now you need to farm an Onion. Farming will require a Spade, Seed dibber, Rake and 3x Onion seeds. 
  • While you wait for an Onion to grow you can go harpoon a shark and purposely burn it. Sharks can be harpooned in Catherby (Skill Teleports > Catherby).
  • All of the ingredients needed above are easier to get yourself, but are available from other players.

Finishing the Quest

  • Return to Hetty in Rimmington with all four ingredients.
  • Once you finish speaking with her you are finished with the quest!


  • A Yellow Cape
  • 90,000 Magic experience
  • 50,000 Gold Coins


Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the quest.