The Wilderness avatars are 3 NPCs located west of the Greater demons, a lot of people use them due to their potential good drops like corrupt Vesta's, corrupt Statius's, corrupt Zuriel's and corrupt Morrigan's equipment and weaponry.

WARNING: when you enter the avatars' lair you automatically become skulled! You have been warned.

However, players need to be careful as they are located within the Wilderness, as potential PK'ers may be there to kill you.

How to get there


The location of the Edgeville coffins.

One can teleport to Edgeville, then use the coffins South of Edgeville bank.

The best way to get to Edgeville are:

  • Bounty hunter cloak
  • City teleport
  • Completionist cape (operate)
  • Home teleport

Home teleport can only be used if you set your home teleport to Edgeville at the Sailor located in Varrock square.


Coffins and their teleport options.

There are 2 ways to get to the Wilderness Avatars. Both require the coffins teleport within Edgeville.

Greater Demons is the easiest teleport which is recommended. One can teleport there and run west until you see a gate with 2 signs next to it.

The other way is via the Wilderness Castle, then running South-west. Go through the gate and keep going South-west untill you see the gate with 2 signs next to it.

The Deep wildy lever or Ice Plateau is not recommended as it can consume too much time running to the location, giving potential PK'ers to attack you.

Which Avatar is which?

There are 3 Avatars:

  • Arzinian avatar of Strength
Is able to hit high if you do not have protect prayers on. Many players generally aim to defeat this avatar, as it has the most desired drops. Recommended prayer: Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee
Doesn't hit high with no protect prayers on. Many players tend to kill this avatar in between others. Recommended prayer: Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic
  • Arzinian avatar of Ranging
Is also able to hit high if you do not have protect prayers on. Many players avoid him if they are coming for good drops. Recommended prayer: Protect from Missiles or Deflect Missiles


  • When you rub Games necklace and select "Dungeon Teleport 2(B)", there is a "Avatars (Wild)" teleport option. However this option does not work due to a bug (it acts like you clicked "More" option).