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Warriors Guild
Warriors Guild Inside.png
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 1
Amount of Altars 0
Points of Interest Minigame, Shop
Accessibility Combat bracelet
Warriors Guild.png

The Warriors guild is a place where players can obtain defenders and train their Combat skills. Unlike on Runescape, players do not need any Combat requirements to enter the Warriors Guild.


The Warriors Guild is located in Burthorpe, players can get to the Warriors Guild by operating aCombat bracelet and selecting  'Warriors Guild'. There is a possiblity of walking to the warriors guild via Taverly however due to the vast amounts of walking bugs currently in SS2 this may not be possible.

Warriors guild tokens

To obtain defenders, players must first obtain tokens to enter theCyclops room. Players can get these tokens by using armour on the animators, and killing them to obtain tokens. The cyclopses will drop tier after tier of defenders from bronze to dragon, however if you are wielding a runite defender or adamantite defender, they will constantly drop the defender of the tier above it. You need 100 warrior guild to enter the cyclops room, as soon as you enter 10 tokens will turn to dust, and 10 tokens will turn to dust every one minute.

Obtaining defenders

After a player has acquired a good amount of tokens, players can use the stairs at the bank to go up, and enter through the door. Killing the Cyclop's in the room will give you defenders as a drop, the chance is rumoured to be around 1 in 30 for ALL modes.

A list of defenders/stats needed to weild them:

  • Iron - Requires 1 attack/strength
  • Steel - Requires 5 attack/strength
  • Black - Requires 10 attack/strength
  • Mithril - Requires 20 attack/strength
  • Adamant - Requires 30 attack/strength
  • Rune - Requires 40 attack/strength
  • Dragon - Requires 60 attack/strength.


  • It is unclear why Bronze cannot be used for animation as it is possible to do so in Runescape.
  • Adamantite armour is the best armour to animate as it gives a high amount of tokens and is much faster to kill as compared to runite armour.