Trickster equipment
Trickster helm Trickster robe Trickster legsTrickster gloves Trickster boots
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No

Trickster equipment is a set of hybrid armour that is frequently used in PvM and PvPing. It shares similar stats to Pernix equipment, although it cannot be traded. It also has a special boost of doing 10% more Magic and Ranged damage (5% in the wilderness). The Magic damage does stack with staff and necklace magic damage bonuses. This armor is most effective when being used for Ranged or Magic.


To wear any piece of the Trickster set, you need to have the following level requirements:


The helm and gloves can be bought with Castle Wars tickets. The robe and robe legs can be bought with Soul wars zeal. Finally, the boots can be bought with Fight pits points.  

Image Item Name Item Price
Trickster helm Trickster Helm 65 Tickets
Trickster robe Trickster Robe 70 Zeal
  Trickster legs Trickster Robe legs 70 Zeal
Trickster gloves Trickster Gloves 45 Tickets
Trickster boots Trickster Boots 120 Fight pit pts
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