Soulsplit Wiki

Treasure Trails is an event that resembles a scavenger hunt. One can participate in this mini-game by receiving a Clue scroll. These scrolls are divided by difficulties, ranging from easy to hard, they offer a variety of items for the player. Not all rewards give out rare items, they are randomized between common food and armour items, to Third Age equipment. 

These challenges are broken down into several steps ranging from talking to a NPC, to digging in a specific spot. 

Anagrams Coordinates NPC Locations Maps Challenges

Anagrams are names of characters that are jumbled up to hide the characters name. These are normally easy to decipher due to all clues share the same "jumbled" text for each character. Meaning that every character will only have one "encrypted" name. 

Coordinates are a set of Latitude and Longitude that correspond to the landscape of SoulSplit. These challenges are one of the harder clues to solve as they require a using either the Sextant or using a third-party program to locate the locations.

Maps are a hidden location that is only reveled through features of the landscape that resembles what is found on the clue. Most of the time, these take awhile to decrypt as they are missing key features of the landscape. 

Challenges are a set of questions that characters hand out to quiz players about both in-game content and real life math problems.