Soulsplit Wiki

Start Point: Bounty Hunter area.
Difficulty: Hard
Description: You will need to collect a skeleton disguise. Different parts are in different wilderness areas.
Length: Long. It can take up to an hour.
Requirements: None.
Items required:
  • Energy potions
  • Food
Enemies to defeat: None.


Getting There And Getting Started.

In order to begin the quest, you need to make your way to the Bounty Hunter area. You can do this by rubbing an Amulet of Glory and clicking Bounty Hunter. Once you arrive, head west to find Grim sitting on his throne.


Grim will ask you to return the Scythe Sharpener, as it's been stolen by the Skeletons. In order to do this, you need to head over the the Wilderness Castle North of Edgeville.

Getting To The Skeletons Castle.

The best way to get to the Skeleton's castle is to teleport to the "Wests" Wilderness teleport (Red blob) and then head North East towards the Castle (Grey blob).


As you attempt to enter the castle you are told that it is required for you to find the ghosts that are present in the wilderness, so as to find a disguise to enter the Skeleton costume to get in to the Castle.

Retrieving the Disguise.

You are required to retrieve a Skeleton Mask, Skeleton Shirt, Skeleton Leggings, Skeleton Boots, and Skeleton Gloves. Each of these items are situated under one of the coloured dots on the map. (Each dot is the location of a ghost that will give you a piece of the disguise.)


Returning the Scythe Sharpener.

Once you have all the pieces, make your way towards the castle and enter with the costume equipped. The Scythe Sharpener is hidden in the South West corner of the courtyard. Search the crate to get it.


Head back to Grim and tell him you've got something for him. He'll take your Scythe Sharpener and in return give you a Jack Lantern mask!

Congratulations! You've Completed The Quest!

Additional Content.

As well as the Jack Lantern mask, you can receive a Bone Spear after you've completed the quest. In order to redeem this, head north from the Chaos Altar and talk to the Mysterious Ghost.