Players mining a shooting star.

The Shooting Star is a Distraction and Diversion which allows players to obtain minimal mining experience by mining a fallen star while receiving stardust, which can be traded in for a variety of rewards.

Mining a fallen star has certain Mining level requirements, depending on the size of the star. Players who find the star when it has landed in its first stage will need to have 90 Mining in order to mine the star.

Mining Shooting Stars isn't a fast method of training Mining. Players who want to obtain mithril, adamantite and runite ores quickly will find mining fallen stars is the easiest way to do so. However, the tradeoff to this is that the experience gain is minimal, even with a large amount of stardust collected over time.

When mining a Shooting Star, players should take note that experience received is not determined by mode, but by a set rate per stage of the star.

Star Size Mining Level Required Experience
9 90 210
8 80 145
7 70 114
6 60 71
5 50 47
4 40 32
3 30 29
2 20 25
1 10 14


Name Location
  • Falador east bank/Mining guild
  • Rimmington mining site
  • Falador south entrance
  • Falador north entrance
  • Falador park
  • Run South of Port Sarim towards Mudskipper Point. The star will be located on the beach just before Mudskipper Point. 
  • Ardougne eastern mine
  • Ardougne southern mining site
  • North Yanille mining site
  • Northern Yanille wall
  • Southeast Yanille wall
Al Kharid
  • Lumbridge swamp mining site
  • Varrock southwest mining site (Champion's Guild mine)
  • Draynor Manor
  • H.A.M hideout
  • Wizards' tower

To find out the location of the star, there will be an in-game announcement in the chatbox in yellow lettering every time a new one lands. An alternative way of finding the position of the star is by looking at the quest tab. A section marked 'Star location' will inform a player of the exact location.


Star Sprite

A star sprite appearing out of a fully mined star.

After completely mining a star, a star sprite will appear. The star sprite can collect stardust and exchange the dust for the following rewards:

Rate of rewards

  • 1 stardust is equivalent to 30XP/1000GP
  • if you are the first one that mines the star, you will get 150 xp for 1 dust when cashing in on that star
  • About 3 stardust are equivalent to 1 mithril ore
  • 4 stardust are equivalent to 1 adamantite ore
  • About 5 stardust are equivalent to 1 runite ore

The amount of experience, ores and coins depends on the amount of stardust that has been mined. Stardust can be collected over time and later redeemed for a larger reward. Stardust cannot be traded.