Soulsplit Wiki
Start Point: Speak to Mayor Hobb in Relleka
Difficulty: Medium
Description: You'll have to ride a boat. Then fight an evil boss.
Length: Medium (10-30 minutes)
Items required:
  • Beer
  • A tinderbox
  • 150,000 gp
  • Food (recommended)
  • Potions (recommended)
Enemies to defeat: I don't remember my name (level-385)

Starting the Quest

  • To start the quest, you must talk to Mayor Hobb, whom is located in Relleka. You can get there quickly by going to your mage tab, clicking "Training Teleports", and then clicking Rock Crabs.

Mayor Hobb in Relleka

  • After speaking with Mayor Hobb, you must speak with Captain Barnaby. He is located in Relleka's market, west of Mayor Hobb.

Captain Barnaby (fish market)

  • After talking to Captain Barnaby, you will have to talk with the Drunken Sailor. He is located on the bigger dock north of the market. You will have to give him a beer and 150,000 Coins.

drunken sailor (rellekan dispute)

  • After giving the Drunken Sailor the items, you will have to to fire up the Viking Boat by the small dock. Use your tinderbox on the ship! You will be teleported to a strange place. After you arrive, search the desk near you!

fire up viking boat (rellekan dispute)weird place (rellekan dispute)

Fighting the level 386 & Quest Completion

This part of the article will explain to you the combat techniques you will be using to fight "I don't remember my name".

  1.  It is recommended to use the magic protection prayer. You can either use the curse deflect the magic or the prayer protect from the magic. (The opponent is a melee npc, but he also hits you with magic.)
  2. Give the NPC your best shots, and take him down. It isn't very hard, you just have to have some patience.
  3. After defeating the NPC you should get a message from your hero. Teleport back to Relleka and speak with Mayor Hobb to officially complete the quest.
  4. While fighting him there is also a bank if you click on the table. if running low on food bank while fighting.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Rellakan Dispute!


  • You are now able to use the fishing dock in Relleka which allows players to fish only Rocktails at level 80 fishing.
  • Diving apparatus
  • Fishbowl helmet