Soulsplit Wiki
Start Point: North-east of Varrock.
Difficulty: Medium
Description: The Bone man has a task for you that involves the killing of monsters..
Length: 30-45 minutes
Items required:
  • 7 pots of vinegar
  • Tinderbox
  • Oak logs.
  • 100 Coins
Enemies to defeat:
  • Goblin
  • Bear
  • Moss giant
  • Ram
  • Unicorn
  • Zombie monkey
  • Giant bat

Getting Started

  • You will need to find the Odd Old Man north-east of Varrock.
  • You will be instructed to get a Monkey's Paw, Bear Ribs, Big Frog Leg, Giant Bat Wing, Unicorn Bone, Goblin Skull, Ram Skull, a Tinderbox, Oak logs, and seven Pots of vinegar.

Note: That these are not the regular bones that all of these monsters drop.

Getting to the Odd Old Man

Getting the Items

Item How to obtain
Bear ribs Dropped by Bears located south of Varrock.
Big frog leg Dropped by Moss Giants in Brimhaven dungeon (Buy a Games necklace from Giles, rub it and teleport to Brimhaven dungeon).

Monkey paw

Dropped by Zombie Monkeys roaming around Ape Atoll.

Ram skull

Dropped by Rams located at the Lumbridge Yak pen.
Goblin skull Dropped by Goblins east of the Lumbridge teleport across the river.
Giant bat wings Dropped by Giant Bats in the Taverley dungeon just past the ghosts.
Unicorn bone Dropped by Unicorns located south of the Edgeville, north of Barbarian Village.
Pot of vinegar Buy from Zaff in Varrock square.

Finishing the Quest

  • Once you get all of the bones you want to use them on the pots of vinegar.
  • Go back to the Odd Old Man with a tinderbox and oak logs, and light his pot-boiler with the tinderbox.
  • Use all of the bone in vinegars on the pot-boiler and give all of the bones to the Odd Old Man.


  • 200k Prayer experience 
  • 75k Herblore & Cooking experience
  • Ram Skull helm
  • 50k cash