Minigames are small activites inside the Soulsplit itself. These games are a nice way to get certain items and experience in selected skills. In some minigames you can earn many rewards such as armour, weapons, and more.

Veracs-flail Barrows Fight the barrows brothers for great rewards!
Symbool Duel arena Fight friendly against friends or stake your way to riches!
F2P Castle Wars Capture the enemy team's flag and prove your worth!
PestControl Pest Control Defend the knight to obtain various void items!
Blue naval shirt Puzzle box Complete the challenging puzzles for epic rewards.
Fire-cape Tzhaar cave Fight 31 waves of TzHaar creatures for an epic cape!
File:Dragon defender inventory.png Warriors Guild Fight your way up to a Dragon Defender.
Trickster helm
Soul wars Slay the enemy team's avatar to collect amazing rewards!
Fight Kiln Fight your way through 10 waves to get the legendary cape.
Fight pits Fight each other in a free-for-all arena to become the champion.

You can go to the minigames using different teleport methods, but most minigames are common in the Minigame Teleport option within your spellbook. There are 6 current minigames to choose from.

Spelbook teleports minigames

Minigames Teleportation.

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