Soulsplit Wiki
Start Point: Neitiznot South
Difficulty: Easy
Description: You will have to slay 156 Killerwatts in order to capture them and complete the quest.
Length: Moderate (Approximately 20-40 minutes)
Requirements: 30 Summoning

30 Hunter 37 Slayer

Items required: Insulated boots
Enemies to defeat: 156 Killerwatts

Starting the Quest

You start the quest off west of South Neitiznot, where you'll need to find Pikkupstix along the South Neitiznot gate and talk to him, during which he will request that you capture a Killerwatt and return to him.

Slaying Killerwatts


Reached Capture Killcount

Captured NPC Message

  • After accepting the Quest, use the City Teleport in your spellbook, select View Page 2 > Draynor.
  • You will spawn at Draynor; just north of the bank you will find an Interdimensional rift. You will enter the rift.
  • You will see a group of Level 55 Killerwatts scattered around the platform. Use the Bolt Pouch on a Killerwatt and check the Game tab for the required amount of kills (based on gamemode). You also need to wield your Insulated boots in order to kill them.
  • Killerwatts use Melee attacks. Low level players can use the Protect from Melee (level 43 prayer required) to fully shield from the damage received from the Killerwatts.
  • When you've hit the required kills, you will receive a message notifiying you that you feel you can capture the NPC.
  • Once greeted with the message, use the bolt pouch on the Killerwatt.

Finishing the Quest

  • After you've captured the Killerwatt, return to Pikkupstix in South Neitiznot.
  • Open your Bolt Pouch and select the captured Killerwatt. Now talk to Pikkupstix and the quest will be completed.

Congratulations, you've completed the Mastering Enchancement quest!


  • 300k coins
  • Hunter experience
  • Summoning experience
  • Ability to capture NPCs


  • If you've lost your Bolt Pouch during the quest, you can go back to Pikkupstix OR the Summoning master and request a new one for free.
  • You may only capture NPCs that can be captured and are within your Hunter /Summoning level.
  • You can own more than one Bolt Pouch