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Magic is one of the most popular combat skills on Soulsplit and can be leveled up to 99. Experience is gained by successfully hitting an opponent or

by using the non-combat spells.

To gain Magic experience a player needs to set his combat style to "Attack with (combat spell you choose to use)". The player can alternatively use non-combat spells like High Level Alchemy. Magic has a three different spell books containing different spells to use. The default spellbook contains all the spells you need to level up Magic. The Lunar spellbook contains all the spells you need for skilling and combat. Ancient Magicks are used for combat. The preferred method of training is barraging or bursting at skeleton monkeys in ape atoll (Normal Spellbook).

If you wish to know how to switch your Spellbook, click here.


There are three spell books to choose from normal spellbook, Ancient and Lunar spellbook. Each spell book has a different variety of spells, the spell books can also be seen below.

Normal Spellbook

Lunar Spellbook

Ancient spellbook

Potion Boosts

The Magic skill, like all the combat skills, can be boosted temporarily. Boosting a skill requires a specific object or prayer.



Magic potion 2.png
Magic Potion Level increased by 3 +10%
Overload (4).png
Overload Potion Level increased by 5 + 15%
Magic cape.png
 Skillcape  (requires 99 to wear)

Prayer Boosts

Prayer/Curses Level Effect
Mystic Will Prayer.png Mystic Will(Prayer) 9 5% level increase
Mystic lore.gif Mystic Lore(Prayer) 27 10% level increase
Mystic might.gif Mystic Might(Prayer) 45 15% level increase
Prayer augury.gif Augury(Prayer) 70 25% level increase
Curse leech magic.gif Leech Magic(Curse) 78 5% boost increasing to 10% over time