Soulsplit Wiki
Start Point: Lumbridge Swamp (West)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Your journey will be based on the creation of a certain magic staff.
Length: Short. ~10 minutes
  • 31 Crafting-icon.pngCrafting
  • 36 Woodcutting.pngWoodcutting
Items required:
  • Hatchet
  • Knife
Enemies to defeat: Level 110 Tree Spirit.

Getting Started

  • Teleport to Draynor village and run southeast until you see a campfire with several combat NPCs.
  • Talk to the Warrior NPC to start the quest.
  • Once you are done speaking to him you have to find a tree that says "Chop tree".
  • Click to "Chop tree" the tree and Leprechaun will speak to you in a chat interface.

It may be hard to find the tree that says "chop" only, reason being there are multiple trees that look similar. The updated picture of where the Leprechaun's tree is can be seen below.

Lost city.png

Finding The Lost City Make sure you have a Hatchet, a Knife, and a strong enough Weapon to kill a Level 101 Tree Spirit.

  • Teleport to Entrana by using the City Teleports > Entrana.
  • Follow this path once you arrive at Entrana.
Entrana's location on the map.

  • Go to the Dramen Tree and click "Chop Down". 
  • Kill the Level 101 "Tree Spirit".
  • Chop down the tree and cut the branch into a Dramen Staff.

Finishing The Quest

  • Go back to the quest starting point and talk to the Warrior again.
  • Then go east into a small shack with the Dramen Staff equipped.
  • Finally you have found the lost city "Zanaris" and completed the quest.