A guide gives a player advice on how to perform certain tasks more efficiently and effectively.  

Skill Guides  Description
Agility-icon Agility training  Master the art of Agility by going through a series of obstacles.
Melee-icon Combat training  Fight your way to the top!
Cooking-icon Cooking training  Learn how to make and cook different meals to perfection.
Crafting-icon Crafting training  Craft items to make jewellery or armour.
Dungeoneering-icon Dungeoneering training  Find your way through challenging dungeons.
Farming-icon Farming training  Plant seeds and harvest your own herbs and crops.
Firemaking-icon Firemaking training  Lost and cold? Learn how to light a fire.
Fishing-icon Fishing training  Learn to catch the largest and quickest fish.
Fletching-icon Fletching training  Need arrows? Learn how to craft them from scratch!
Herblore-icon Herblore training  Mix ingredients to make useful potions.
Hunter-icon Hunter training  Capture wild beasts that lurk around Soulsplit.
Mining-icon Mining training  Mine rocks to gain different ores.
Prayer-icon Prayer training  Pray to the Gods for the ability to use helpful bonuses.
Runecrafting-icon Runecrafting training  Craft runes to use for Magic.
Slayer-icon Slayer training  Battle different creatures that you have been assigned.
Smithing-icon Smithing training  Learn how to construct your own armour.
Summoning-icon Summoning training  Call various creatures to do your bidding.
Thieving-icon Thieving training  Train to become the sneakiest thief.
Woodcutting-icon Woodcutting training  Learn how to gather various types of logs.
Quest Guides  Description
Quest Cooks Assistant  Master the art of cooking and help out a troubled Chef.
Quest Doric's Quest  Help a dwarf with his little project.
Quest Undead Riot  Take part in the Halloween Event Quest.
Quest Lost City  Earn the ability to wield Dragon Claws and Korasi Sword.
Quest Mastering Enchancement  Master the ability to summon any beast.
Quest Rag and Bone man  Collect bones for the Bone man.
Quest Recipe for Disaster  Conquer the bosses to wield powerful gloves.
Quest Rellekan Dispute  Get to the bottom of this dispute.
Quest The Grimreaper's Scythe  Death is coming.
Quest Vampire Slayer  Are you brave enough to hunt down vampires?
Quest Witch's Potion  Make the Witch's potion for a fine reward.
Quest Rune Mysteries  Unearth the mystery behind Runecrafting by helping a fellow wizard.
Minigame Guides  Description
Barrows - torag's set Barrows  Fight the Barrows Brothers for great rewards.
Symbool Duel arena  Fight against friends or stake your way to riches.
Castle wars ticket Castle Wars  Fight for the Gods in our version of capture the flag.
PestControl Pest control  Defend the Void Knight to obtain various void items.
Puzzle box  Complete the challenging puzzles for epic rewards.
Fire-cape Fight Caves  Fight 32 waves of TzHaar creatures for an epic cape.
File:Dragon defender inventory.png Warriors Guild  Fight your way up to a Dragon Defender.
Fight Kiln  Fight your way through 10 waves to get the legendary cape.
Other Guides  Description
Coins 10000 Money Making  The most efficient ways to make money.
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