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This article is about the Firemaking skill. For information on how to train Firemaking, see Firemaking Training.

Firemaking cape (t) equipped.png

Firemaking is a relatively self-explanatory skill, entailing the lighting of fires using logs gathered throughout Soulsplit. However, due to its lack of use in Soulsplit, it is considered the most useless skills in the game, being only another skill to spend time and, sometimes, money on to reach level 99.

Experience is gained by lighting different logs using a tinderbox (obtainable at any General Store). Firemaking can be trained easily with Woodcutting as it is the companion skill of it by lighting the logs you chop from trees.

Levels and Experience Rates

Image Logs Level Sir xp Lord xp Legend xp Extreme xp
Logs.png Normal 1 20,000 2,000 200 40
Oak logs.png Oak logs 15 30,000 3,000 300 60
Willow logs.png Willow logs 30 45,000 4,500 450 90
Arctic pine logs.png Arctic pine logs 42 62,500 6,250 625 125
Maple logs.png Maple logs 45 65,250 6,525 652 135
Yew logs.png Yew logs 60 101,000 11,000 1,100 220
Magic logs.png Magic logs 75 152,000 15,200 1,520 304

Benefits of Firemaking

To get the flame gloves or ring of fire, either buy them from players, or receive them while burning logs.