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Fight pits is a safe minigame located in the Tzhaar caves. Players battle each other in an arena. It is a free-for-all arena, meaning that there are no official teams and players can attack each other freely. However, sometimes players team up with each other to eliminate everyone but their team members. Usually the team consists of 2 players so they can battle it out when everyone is dead but them. To win this minigame, the player must kill everyone to be crowned as the champion. Players can use familiars in this minigame.


The Fight pits is located in the Tzhaar caves. You can get here by using the Minigames teleport in your spellbook and selecting Tzhaar caves. Once you arrive at the Tzhaar caves. keep running west. 


  • Team up

Teaming up can be an essential thing in Fight pits. Since it is a free-for-all minigame, it is usually chaos and you might die quickly. Thus having a team will be much more beneficial.

  • Use Freeze magickz

Using the Ice barrage or any other freezing spells can be useful, which allows you to attack the opponent from a distance. This can also come in handy when you are in a sticky situation and want to run from the fight.

  • Bring Saradomin Brews



Players receive Fight pits points when they are crowned champion. These Fight pits points can only be redeemed at Tzhaar-mej-Kah, which is located right outside the hot vent door.  He sells three rings that can also be obtained as a rare drop from Nomad. Each of the rings cost 180 Fight pits points. These rings are known for the very high bonuses they give. He also sells an uncut onyx which is worth 60 Fight pit points. Finally, you can purchase the boots for each minigame set from the shop. Each boot costs 120 Fight pit points.

Pits reward.png

               From left to right: Eye of the warrior, Eye of the ranger, Eye of the mage, uncut onyx, Trickster boots, Battle-mage boots, and Vanguard boots.