Dwarf multicannon
Dwarf multicannon
AKA? Cannon
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No

The Dwarf multicannon is a special Ranged-based weapon consisting of four pieces. Unlike many Ranged weapons, this is not equipable by any means, and is assembled on the floor by the player. The ammunition consists of Cannonballs, which are specially designed to be used in them, and nothing else. 


Cannon barrels
Cannon base
Cannon furnace
Cannon stand


To assemble the Dwarf multicannon, you need all the components above in your inventory, then follow the instructions below:

Click on the Cannon base to mount the component on the ground near your character. Note that the placement of the Cannon base must have adjacent spaces to set up the motion of the Dwarf multicannon itself.
After the Cannon base is placed accordingly, select the Cannon stand in your inventory and then click the Cannon base near your character. The two components will join, but the Dwarf multicannon is not complete yet.
After the Cannon stand is applied to the Cannon base, do the same thing for the Cannon barrels. This will create an almost completely assembled Dwarf multicannon.
To complete the Dwarf multicannon assembly, you will need to use the Cannon furnace with the incomplete parts near your character. This will finish the Dwarf multicannon, but it cannot be used without ammunition. You will need the final component, the Cannonballs, in order for this useful weapon to be used.


  •  The Dwarf Multicannon is mainly used for training the Slayer skill, or any other NPC killing. Occasionally it can be seen being used by players against boss monsters.
  •  You are unable to use the Dwarf multicannon in the Duel arena, when fighting another player, or in the Wilderness.
  • There was a duplication bug that was abused in early June, creating thousands of Dwarf multicannons, and crashing the price of the components, but it was soon patched. Many Dwarf multicannons were reset as part of the action taken to avoid any further price manipulation.
  • The dwarf multicannon is currently not able to be used in Soul Wars to fight your opponents avatar, this happened because of being able to capture it with no effort.
  • When a player assembled the Dwarf Multicannon and fired it appears as a spinning crate.