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This article is about the Crafting skill. For information on how to train Crafting, see Crafting Training.


Crafting is a skill which gives players the ability to produce items such as jewellery and armour for use or trade. It is a profitable skill and is often used to obtain quick money; however many of the tasks require tedious work to obtain a good profit.



To begin leather crafting, players will need a Needle and Thread, which can be purchased from Bob's Skilling Store for 1 coin each, and some cowhide tanned into leather or hardleather. You can tan leather by talking to Ellis near the Lumbridge Yaks with the required materials and money.

Lumbridge cattle field.png

The cattle field east of Lumbridge is a convenient location for leather crafters and is easy to travel to. Players commonly train there and leave the cowhides on the ground, so it is possible to have a rapid supply without actually killing any cows.


Taverley Dungeon blue dragons.png

Dragonhide can be obtained from killing Dragons, which are found at various locations - depending on the type. The most common way to obtain dragonhide is from Blue Dragons, as it is the quickest Dragon to access. This location can be accessed using the Games Necklace by rubbing it, selecting Dungeon Teleport 1(D) and then Taverly Dungeon. Players commonly train there and leave the Blue dragonhide on the floor, so it is possible to have a rapid supply without actually killing any Blue Dragons.


Silver items can be crafted by using a Silver bar on a furnace. Items that you can make include Unblessed Symbols, Unholy Symbols, Silver Sickles, and Tiaras.

Gems and Gold Jewelry

For gold crafting, these are the required materials:

  • Gold bars. You can obtain these by mining Gold ores and smelting them.
  • A Ring Mould, Necklace Mould, or Amulet Mould. These can be purchased from the General Store at various locations.
  • A cut gemstone may be included. Cutting gemstones using a Chisel provides great Crafting experience. Most gemstones, excluding Onyx, can be obtained from Bob's Skilling Store. Uncut onyx can be obtained from TzHaar monsters in the Fight Caves.

Once you have the required materials, use the Gold bar on a furnace to bring up the interface.

Cape of Accomplishment

For players with level 99 Crafting, a Cape of Accomplishment can be bought from the Wise Old Man for 99,999 coins. A cape of accomplishment is better known as a skill cape.