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In this quest, the player must deliver a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour to the Cook to prepare a cake for the Duke's birthday.

Start Point: Lumbridge Castle, inside the kitchen.
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Deliver ingredients to the Cook for the Duke's birthday cake.
Length: Short
Requirements: None
Items required:
  • A bucket of milk (can be obtained during the quest for 6 coins)
  • An egg (can be obtained during the quest for 4 coins)
  • A pot of flour (can be obtained during the quest for 10 coins)
Enemies to defeat: None

The Duke's Birthday Cake

Cook (Lumbridge) chathead.png

Starting point

To begin the quest, talk to the Cook in the Lumbridge Castle's kitchen, which is on the ground floor. He will tells you that it is the Duke's birthday, and he is supposed to be making a large birthday cake for him, but he has forgotten to purchase the ingredients required to make the cake. He requests to you to bring a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour from Claus the chef.

Obtaining the Ingredients

Claus the chef's location

In your spellbook tab, select the Skills Teleports and then select Catherby. Bring 20 coins with you to purchase the ingredients from Claus. You can withdraw this amount of coins from the nearby bank north of the teleport location. Head east to the last building and talk to Claus. In his Cooking and Fishing Store, purchase the bucket of milk, egg, and a pot of flour from him for 20 coins before heading back to the Cook.


To finish the quest, speak to the Cook back in Lumbridge with the three ingredients in your possession. He will accept them and provide a small reward for your efforts.


Cooks Assistant reward scroll.png

  • 30,000 Cooking experience 
  • 500,000 coins
  • Chef's hat
  • White apron
  • Rolling pin


Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the quest.