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Cooking is the skill in Soulsplit that allows a player to cook raw foods for many uses. Uses include restoration of HP, boosts in certain skills, as well as gaining more EXP for higher level foods to cook. Generally, higher tier foods will restore a higher amount of HP. There are many types of food to cook in Soulsplit.

Cooking Mechanics

Players can use raw foods on either a fire or a range to cook them. Higher tier foods will generally heal more HP, and will require a higher Cooking level to cook. Ranges are better to cook on, as they reduce the amount of times a player burns their food.

A higher Cooking level will also lower the chance of burning foods. There also comes a point where if a player has a high enough Cooking level, they will stop burning a food completely. An example would be with Shrimps: you can start cooking them with a Cooking level of 1, but you will stop burning them entirely at level 34 Cooking.

Methods of Cooking

There are two main ways cooking foods. One of which is cooking on a fire, and the other is using a range. Using a range to cook is more viable as it will prevent the player from burning more food.

Fires can be made by any player by using a tinderbox on any log. This allows for flexibility in where you want to cook, as well as Firemaking EXP.

A fire produced by using a tinderbox on some logs.

Also, using higher tier logs will result in a reduction of burning food.

Using a range limits player to where they can cook, but will benefit them in terms of EXP and not burning as much food. A range can be found on the minimap with the cooking pan icon (Rangeicon.png).

One of many cooking ranges. This range is located in Catherby.

A player can also use the Clay oven located in South Neitiznot.

The Clay oven located in South Neitiznot.

Cooking and Fishing Store

Interacting with Claus the Chef (who can be found in Catherby) will open the Cooking and Fishing Store, which provides many basic Cooking tools, equipment, and materials to produce foods.

Cooking and Fishing Store.png

Name of item Use
Empty pot 
Empty pot.png
Used for making bonemeals for prayer training. 
Pot of flour
Pot of flour.png
Used in making pastry with a source of water.
Bucket of water 
Bucket of water.png
Used in making pastry with flour.
Bucket of milk
Bucket of milk.png
Used in making cakes, along with a Pot of flour and an Egg.
Chocolate bar
Chocolate bar.png
Used in making Chocolate cakes.
Pie dish
Pie dish.png
Used in making pies.
Cake tin
Cake tin.png
Used in making cakes.
Heals the player.
Cooking apple
Cooking apple.png
Used in making Apple pies.
Used to carry water, as well as part o making Wine.
Used to carry water, as well as making Stews.
Bowl of water
Bowl of water.png
Used in making Stews.
No actual use.
Used to make Cakes.
Empty cup
Empty cup.png
No actual use.

For the Fishing equipment, please see Fishing.

Types of Food


One can make a variety of pastry doughs from using a Pot of flour with a water vessel of some sort (Bucket of water, Jug of water, etc) and choosing the desired type of dough.

Bread dough: Bread dough.png

Bread can be made at a Cooking level of 1. To do this, just use a Pot of Flour with a water vessel and chose the "Bread dough" option.

You can cook the uncooked Bread dough on a range. 

Pastry dough: Pastry dough.png

To make Pastry dough, a player must have at least a Cooking level of 10. The player will need a Pot of flour and a source of water. After making the Pastry dough, the player must put it in a Pie dish, where it will combine into an Uncooked pie dish. From there, a player will need to fill the Uncooked pie dish with a filling, and cook the uncooked pie on a range.

Redberry pie (Level 10):

Pie_shell.png + Redberries.png = Pie.png

Apple pie (Level 30):

Pie_shell.png + Cooking_apple.png = Pie.png

Garden Pie (Level 34):

Pie_shell.png + Tomato.png + Onion.png + Cabbage.png = Raw_garden_pie.png

Summer Pie (Level 95)
Pie_shell.png + Watermelon.png + Cooking_apple.png = Raw_summer_pie.png

Pizza base

Pizza bases can be made by using a Pot of flour with a water vessel. A player must have a Cooking level of 35 to make one. By combining it with a Tomato and Cheese, a player can make an Uncooked pizza. They must add the tomato first before the cheese. Players can also add a topping to uncooked pizzas before cooking them.

A player can cook the Uncooked pizza by using only a range.

Pizza_base.png + Tomato.png + Cheese.png + (topping) = Uncooked_pizza.png

List of Topppings (Unconfirmed)

  • Cooked chicken
  • Cooked meat
  • Pineapple rings
  • Anchovies


To make cakes, a player must combine an Egg, a Bucket of milk, and a Pot of flour in a Cake tin to make an Uncooked cake. From there, a player can cook the Uncooked cake on a range to finish the cake. To make it a Chocolate cake, just add either a Chocolate bar or Chocolate dust on the finished cake.

Plain Cake (Level 40)
Bucket_of_milk.png + Egg.png + Pot_of_flour.png = Uncooked_cake.png

Chocolate cake (Level 50)
Chocolate_bar.png + Cake.png = Chocolate_cake.png


The most commonly used food to train Cooking is fish. Fish can be obtained in multiple ways, but the majority of them are brought into the game by Fishing. Fish can be cooked on either a fire or a range.

The following is a table that shows what fish can be cooked, and what Cooking level is required to stop burning them.

Image  Name  Cooking level  Stops burning at level XP (Sir) XP (Lord) XP (Legends) XP (Extreme)
Shrimps 1 34 5,000 500 50 10
Sardine 1 38 20,000 2,000 200 40
Anchovies 1 34 15,000 1,500 150 30
Herring 5 41 25,000 2,500 250 50
Mackerel 10 45 30,000 3,000 300 60
Trout 15 50 35,000 3,500 350 70
Cod 17 52 37,500 3,750 375 75
Pike 20 59 40,000 4,000 400 80
Salmon 25 58 45,000 4,500 450 90
Tuna 30 65 50,000 5,000 500 100
Lobster 40 74 60,000 6,000 600 120
Bass 43 80 65,000 6,500 650 130
Swordfish 45 86 70,000 7,000 700 140
Monkfish 62 92 75,000 7,500 750 150
Shark 80 Never 105,000 10,500 1,050 210
Manta ray.png
Manta ray 91 Never 180,000 18,000 1,080 216
Rocktail 93 Never 220,000 22,000 2,200 440