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Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Credit Price? 9,999 For 100M
Examine text It's some coins.

Gold pieces, also abbreviated as GP, is the currency used within Soulsplit to buy items from either players or in-game shops.

Applications and uses

Players accumulate Coins in game to trade goods with others; For example: Player 1 may trade X amount of coins to Player 2 for an item worth X amount of coins. Another use is in-game shops such as the ones in major cities such as Varrock, Edgeville, Falador, and Al Kharid.

Money can also be used for Gambling. In short, Gambling can be things such as: regular Dicing, BlackJack (commonly known as BJ), Staking, and more.

Max Cash

Max cash is the term used to describe a stack of cash which can no-longer go any higher due to Java coding issues. The maximum amount of cash possible is 2,147,483,647 in the inventory and in the bank space. However, a player whom wishes to have more than this amount of money must place it in their vault. Any cash gained with max cash in the player's inventory will automatically go to the bank vault.


Main article

The vault is located in the bottom right corner of your bank. Right clicking the ($) sign will allow you to deposit, withdraw and count how much money you currently have within it. The vault can hold an unlimited amount of gp. 

Money Making

There are many ways in the world of Soulsplit where you can acquire GP. These are:

  • PvM (Player vs. Monster) - A lot of monsters around Soulsplit drop random amounts of GP.
  • PvB (Player vs. Boss) - Bosses also drop GP in random amounts.
  • Gambling - Winning at Gambling can also award you with money.
  • The Credit Shop - There you are able to buy 100M (100,000,000) GP with 5,000 Credits.
  • PvP (Player vs. Player) - Defeating players at PvP will award you with anything that the enemy player was risking and/or a special PvP drop.


  • 2,147,999,999 is the highest number a Java Integer can hold (2^31 -1) and is the reason why you can never have more.
  • It is the most common item in game.
  • Billions of coins are spawned in the economy weekly from the Credit Shop.
  • Gaining max cash is usually the #1 goal for new players on Soulsplit.
  • Once reaching the maximum amount of coins it auto makes a new stack pile so that you do not lose money.