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When receiving a clue scroll, it is currently impossible to tell if the user has gotten either a hard scroll, or a easy scroll. When attempting to complete the scrolls, the participant might be asked more trivial type questions and/or more riddles. Upon receiving the end of the scroll trail, the player will receive a casket that will allow the user to receive rare items, or useless items.


There's a good chance you'll receive scrolls with tasks that are CURRENTLY impossible to do in-game. So take this into consideration before you set out to complete a clue scroll. The Caskets you aquired may be opened and you will receive another clue scroll this has no meaning just luck based.

Dropping monsters


Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part one, From Jayarrowz

Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part two, From Jayarrowz

Clue Scroll Level 3 rewards part three, From Jayarrowz