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South of Champion's Guild

Champion's Guild Map

Champion's Guild Dig Spot.png
West of the Ice Plateau Teleport
Deep Wildy Tri-Crator Clue.png
Deep Wildy Tri-Crator Dig Spot.png
Draynor Village
Draynor Village Clue.png
Draynor Village Dig Spot.png
North of Falador
Falador Statue Clue.png
Falador Statue Dig Spot.png
East of Ardougne
Legends Guild Clue.png
Legends Guild Dig Spot.png
South of Ardougne, North of the Necromancer Tower
Necromancer Tower Clue.png
Necromancer Tower Dig Spot.png
North-East of Falador
North East Falador Clue.png
North East Falador Dig Spot.png
The Observatory north of Castle Wars
Observatory Clue.png
Observatory Crate Search Spot.png
North East of the magic trees in Seers' Village
Ranging Guild Clue.png
Ranging Guild Dig Spot.png
West of Rimmington Mine
Rimmington Clue.png
Rimmington Dig Spot.png
The road to Relleka from Seers' Village
Seers Road Clue.png
Seers Road Dig Spot.png
Varrock Lumberyard
Varrock Lumberyard Clue.png
Varrock Lumberyard Crate Search Spot.png
Varrock East Mine
Varrock Mine Clue.png
Varrock Mine Digspot.png
West Hybridding teleport, walk east
West Hybridding Clue.png
West Hybridding Crate Search Spot.png
Wizards Tower south of Draynor
Wizard Tower Clue.png
Wizard Tower Dig Spot.png
South east part of Yanille
Yanille Clue.png
Yanille Dig Spot.png