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Clan Wars is a minigame area where you can challenge your friends to duels outside of the wilderness. So far, this is the only released area where you can challenge your friends in a safe zone that has no objective but to kill enemy players. This is the preferred spot by many players to test out their new armor as you do not lose any items on death unless you are on World 2. Clan Wars is home to a large amount of players, especially on World 1 (the unofficial Clan Wars world.)

In order from left to right: Ancient Magicks, Standard Spellbook, Lunar Spellbook

Getting There

To get there you need to select the "Clan Wars Teleport" spell then select "Clan wars White portal". There are no runes required for this spell and it is available in every spellbook in the locations shown in the image to the right.

Single Combat

Single Combat

The first thirteen spaces after exiting the safe zone are what is known as Single Combat. This area is used purely for 1v1 combat and rarely used in clan situations. This section of the Clan Wars is also commonly used by people wanting to practice PKing without having to worry about others being better than them. 

No summoning familiars can attack other players but stat-boosting familiars can be used to your advantage (Unicorn, Wolpertinger, Obsidian Golem, etc.)


Players in Multi-Combat

All areas past the thirteen block mark are in the Multi-Combat portion of Clan Wars. This tends to be where clans have large-scale battles due to the fact that anyone can attack anyone even if they are already in combat.

In this area you can use your offensive summoning familiars to your advantage. 


  • A dangerous clan wars used to be accessible by talking to Awusah the Mayor. This has since been removed.