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This article is about the Agility skill. For information on how to train Agility, see Agility Training.


Agility is a skill in where you navigate obstacles in order to gain access to various shortcuts around SoulSplit. The higher your Agility level, the faster your energy replenishes. 



In the northwestern corner of the market, there is a hole that you can climb through to get from the market to Edgeville. There is no Agility requirement to use this shortcut.

Taverley Dungeon

This dungeon has an obstacle pipe that leads into the Blue Dragon lair. 80 Agility is required to use this shortcut.

Classic Slayer Dungeon

This dungeon has multiple shortcuts.

  1. The first shortcut has a strange floor that takes you from the Cave bugs to the Dust Devils. 60 Agility is required to use this shortcut.
  2. The second shortcut has a crevice that takes you from the Basilisks to the Cave Horrors. 90 Agility is required to use this shortcut.

Agility Courses

Agility courses are places where you train your Agility. Experience gained by completing is tiered by level; the higher level Agility course you complete, the more experience you get.

Gnome Stronghold

250px-Gnome course1.png

This is the only course you can use when you first start Agility. You get there by selecting your skills teleports on the regular spellbook and choosing 'Gnome Agility Course.' Although the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course can be used at any level, it is recommended for use by only levels 1-40.

It consists of a log balance, two net climbs, two branch climbs, a balancing rope and a tunnel.

Barbarian Outpost

Barbarian Agility Outpost.png

The Barbarian Outpost Agility course is accessible after you reach level 50 Agility. You get there by selecting your Skills teleports on the regular spellbook and choosing 'Barbarian Course.'

It consists of a rope swing, a balancing log, an obstacle net, a balancing ledge and a set of crumbling walls.


Wilderness Agility Course.jpg

Upon you reaching level 60 Agility, you can use the Wilderness Agility course. The course is located deep within the Wilderness (east of Ice Plateau and north of the Lava Maze) and can be accessed fastest by selecting the Ice Plateau teleport on the coffins in Edgeville. This course is currently the best experience in the game for agility, but also the most dangerous. Any items you bring into the wilderness have a risk of being dropped upon death.


It consists of stepping stones, climbing rocks, a log balance, an obstacle pipe and a ropeswing.

Perks to Agility

With the use of a terrorbird, a player can use it's special to replenish his or hers energy percentage to 100.

When the player has 99 agility, he or she can wear agile clothing and have infinity run.

When the player has 99 agility, the run percentage depletes very slowly.